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Meeting at Milestone Moments


About 10 years ago, my jazz trio played weddings at the iconic View Point Inn in Corbett, OR. One we were hired to play? The wedding of Lauren & Lincoln. We got along great, and it was awesome to have been in attendance for this milestone of theirs.

Awhile later, the two had plans to move to Virginia and needed to sell their house. I hadn’t seen them in years, but they knew I was in the business. So there I was for another big Barbour life milestone, this time as their Realtor.

Years passed and suddenly Lauren & Lincoln realized how much they missed Portland. An amazing group of friends and wonderful work opportunities were major factors in their decision to give me a call. I’m so glad they did! Not only did I have the opportunity to help them yet again, but working with awesome people to get them back home to Portland? That’s the best feeling.

Now Lauren, full-time mom, wine enthusiast, and former photographer is officially “house captain” of their beautiful home in Woodlawn. She’s also working on a collaborative project with her husband. (The intrigue! Hope to hear more on that soon!)

Lincoln owns a professional photography business specializing in well-crafted photography for home décor and architectural product brands. He’s got 16 years of experience working for top brands (you know the kind…Nike, Kate Spade, Rejuvenation, and so many more), and has work featured in lots of main-stream magazines. With an awesome team, an impressive assortment of positive reviews, and a presence on basically every social media platform, this guy is the real deal. Check out his work here!

Lauren & Lincoln, I am so happy you’ve have come home. What’s the next major Barbour family milestone? I’ll make sure to clear my calendar. ?

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