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Homes for Sale in Dunthorpe, OR

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Located just south of Portland, Dunthorpe is a close knit residential community famed for its beautiful homes and vast parks full of natural beauty. With close proximity and easy access to Portland’s attractions and opportunities, the Dunthorpe real estate market has been very competitive, attracting new residents from all over the world. In Dunthorpe, you’ll find a wonderful mix of dynamic urban amenities and a tranquil suburban lifestyle nestled amongst the pines and firs. The community includes shopping centers, restaurants, breweries, distilleries, and cafes, along with nature trails, outdoor activities, and conservation work opportunities. Here’s an in-depth look at this highly desirable Portland community, including its history, attractions, and real estate market.

Dunthorpe: An Overview

reflection of fall season Half of Dunthorpe belongs to Clackamas County and the other half to Multnomah County. It is bordered to the east by the Willamette River and to the west by Tryon Creek State Natural Area. From one end to the other, the community is surrounded by lush nature attractions where residents enjoy hiking, camping, boating, bird and wildlife watching, and so much more. One of Dunthorpe’s gems is Elk Rock Garden at The Bishop’s Close, a beautiful garden built in the early 1900s on the 13-acre property of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kerr. The designer of the park, Frederick Law Olmsted, also designed Central Park of New York. Today, the garden is a famous attraction where you go on a run or a leisurely walk amid rock gardens, magnolia tree-lined paths, rhododendron blooms, and more.
    • A brief history

Dunthorpe was originally developed in 1916 when real estate tycoon William M. Ladd purchased 215 acres of land from the Oregon Iron & Steel Company for $1. The Ladd Estate Company only allowed the construction of residential buildings and structures that house domestic animals in the community. This intentional design led to the unique character of Dunthorpe, enhancing its status today as a place of historical value. With most estates designed by esteemed architects and designer firms of their time, Dunthorpe boasts a number of homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Dunthorpe real estate for sale

old luxury mansion Real estate in Dunthorpe is made up primarily of luxury estates and single-family properties with expansive landscaped yards and gorgeous family homes. The typical lot size ranges from around 1/2 acre to over one acre, and the typical number of bedrooms is from three to five. Popular architectural styles include Tudor, Colonial, and Storybook Cottage, but you’ll also find contemporary, ranch, and other styles. Typical home features include hardwood floors and cabinets, gourmet kitchens, multiple fireplaces, and outdoor living and entertainment areas. Mature landscaping adds to the homes’ timeless charm, and the backdrop of forests and woodland provide fantastic views at every turn. Many homes in the community are over 50 years old, including a number that are at least 100 years old. Excellently preserved and updated over the years, these homes are among the most prestigious properties in Dunthorpe, capturing the elegance of the town’s storied past. Some of the most coveted homes in Dunthorpe are waterfront properties along the Willamette River, a number of which come with private docks and boathouses. Residents of Dunthorpe love the secluded privacy and the idyllic views the homes here offer while remaining conveniently close to the urban amenities of Portland.

Living in Dunthorpe

    • Cost of living

With real estate property values higher than in most of Oregon, the cost of living in Dunthorpe is unsurprisingly higher than the rest of the state. Dunthorpe is an affluent community of around 1,690 residents with a median household income of $250,000, which is around 300% higher than the median household income in Portland and about 350% higher than the rest of Oregon.
    • Schools

Dunthorpe belongs to the highly rated Riverdale School District and is served by some of the top-rated public schools in Oregon, including Riverdale Grade School and Riverdale High School, as well as Lake Oswego Middle and Senior High School. With small class sizes, comprehensive academic curriculum, and a good teacher-student ratio, scores and college attendance of students from Dunthorpe are among the highest in all of Oregon.
    • Shopping and dining

luxury served evening banquet There is no shortage of grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants in and around the neighborhood. Top local businesses in the area include Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Safeway Supermarket, and other grocery and convenience stores. Those looking for the freshest farm produce can go to Zupan’s Market and Parsons Farms, both in neighboring Lake Oswego. Residents don’t have to travel far for excellent dining and a happening night life. While Dunthorpe is mostly residential, there are dozens of fantastic restaurants in Lake Oswego and Portland, all just a few minutes’ drive away from the community. The top shopping, dining, and nightlife destinations in the area include:
      • Pearl District: Whether you’re out to shop or to chill, the Pearl District of Portland houses some of the trendiest stores, art galleries, fashion boutiques, and cafes in town. Every First Thursday of the month, the galleries are open until a little late.
      • Distillery Row: Enjoy a variety of craft beers at the Distillery Row of Portland. Technically not a row, but scattered in Portland’s SE Industrial District and the Northwest and Slabtown Districts, Distillery Row is made up of around 12 independent distilleries offering over 80 unique spirits to choose from.
Visiting Distillery Row offers its own special passport, truly making this a must-do Portland experience. The passport can be stamped at every distillery visited, and comes with several benefits, including discounts and other exclusive privileges.
      • Portland Mercado: Looking for some Latin American street food in the neighborhood? Portland Mercado takes street food to a whole new level with its collection of Mexican, Central American, and South American food.
As you feast on the delicious menu options, you also get to support the local community, since Portland Mercado is a not-for-profit Latin American community development project that provides an affordable location for small business owners in the community.
    • Outdoor Destinations

lush foliage at the entrance With plenty of outdoor spaces, Dunthorpe locals and visitors actively engage with nature. Some of the best outdoor destinations in the area include:
      • Tryon Creek State Natural Area: A lush forest that is home to different animals and plant species, Tryon Creek State Natural Area is an oasis that covers over 600 acres. The place features second-growth forests with the scenic Tryon Creek flowing through the area. There are 8 miles of hiking trails, 8 bridges, and a boardwalk for those who want to explore the wetland.
This park is open for people of all abilities, with a 0.3 mile barrier-free trail. There are resting benches and viewing decks, as well as a 3-mile paved bicycle path and a 3.5-mile horse trail for equestrians.
      • Washington Park: The crown jewel of Portland, Washington Park encompasses 410 acres of stunning gardens, smaller parks, memorials, and more. It is home to the 64-acre Oregon Zoo, as well as The Portland Japanese Garden which boasts an amazing display of Japanese architecture and exquisite landscaping.
Other significant attractions in the park include the Hoyt Arboretum, the International Rose Test Garden, the Oregon Holocaust Memorial, and more. The Rose Test Garden includes a stunning amphitheater where concerts are held every summer. In March, the cherry blossoms in full bloom makes for an unforgettable experience.
      • Elk Rock Island: Spanning 13.6 acres in Milwaukie, around 5.5 miles from Dunthorpe, Elk Rock Island has seven distinct habitats that serve as home to different species of mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, and invertebrates. There are over 50 rare plant species thriving on the island. There is also a land bridge said to be 40 million years old connecting the island to Milwaukie.
      • Reed Lake: Just behind the Reed College campus through Reed Canyon is Reed Lake, the oldest natural lake in Portland. When exploring this path, you will find unpaved trails, ducks in the lake, and vine maples that lend their distinctive charm to the area especially during autumn.
      • Oak Bottoms Wildlife Refuge: Those looking for a short hike from the city can check out Oak Bottoms Wildlife Refuge, a 163-acre nature reserve encompassing bluffs, woodlands, and wetlands. The refuge features bridges, boardwalks, and viewing platforms for bird and wildlife watching. It also boasts the Tadpole Pond where kids can look for smaller creatures such as frogs and salamanders.

History and Culture

With its proximity to Portland, Dunthorpe is surrounded by historical places and cultural destinations that celebrate the area’s heritage and provide residents with enriching experiences. Some of the top places to go include:
      • Pioneer Courthouse Square: Also known as Portland’s living room, the Pioneer Courthouse Square is a great place to start for lovers of history and architecture. The square opened in 1984 and is the venue for over 300 events annually, including farmers markets and live concerts. Along the red bricks are lines of the important names of people who contributed to what Portland is today.
      • Powell’s City of Books: With the majority of the community having a shared proclivity for books, it’s no surprise that one of the largest independent bookstores in the world is in Portland. The Powell’s City of Books stands at 3 stories and occupies an entire block. World-renowned writers visit the place regularly, some to simply shop while others to hold readings and events. If you’re lucky, you might just end up next in line to your favorite author.
      • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry: For families with young children and the children-at-heart, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is a great place to learn new things and experience interactive exhibits on physics, paleontology, chemistry, and more. OMSI also advocates for a sustainable society through its exhibits, focusing on creating spaces for problem solving and critical thinking. The museum is also home to an IMAX theater and a planetarium, as well as the OMSI After Dark events.

Why invest in Dunthorpe real estate for sale?

Investing in Dunthorpe real estate comes with many benefits:
      • Dunthorpe is a great place to live

Some places have great outdoors, others have stunning architecture, while others boast a close knit community. Add these together and you’ll get Dunthorpe. The neighborhood’s proximity to Portland means residents get easy access to the fun and quintessential Portland culture, as well as the city’s fantastic economic opportunities. At the same time, the area offers a private and idyllic atmosphere sheltered from all the urban noise and bustle. Residents of Dunthorpe love the history and backdrop of natural beauty. The area is bolstered by continuously appreciating home value in the community, making it an ever-desirable Portland neighborhood.
      • A home is Dunthorpe is great long-term investment

The upward trend of the median listing price in Dunthorpe makes real estate here a great investment. This trend is forecasted to continue in the years to come. A Dunthorpe property makes for a beautiful home for the entire family or a well-deserved retirement home alike. A Dunthorpe home also makes for a great rental investment and is almost guaranteed to be sold at or above value down the road.
      • Luxury homes have been proven to be excellent buffers against recession

Dunthorpe is a luxury neighborhood matched with luxury homes. This real estate class has been proven time and again to be more resilient than standard homes. Luxury buyers are typically unaffected by economic downturns, and the luxury home market is historically the first to recover after a recession or market slowdown.

Explore houses for sale in Dunthorpe with me, Ross Seligman

Don’t miss out on all the significant advantages of having a home in Dunthorpe. If you are looking to buy a home in the area, feel free to give me a call. Our team at Own It Portland has years of experience in helping clients close the best deals when buying or selling property in the Portland area. We employ custom-tailored plans and proven strategies to ensure you get the best value for your investment. I am a full-time REALTOR® at Living Room Realty, with a team of amazing licensed REALTORS®. We would be more than happy to help you achieve your goals in selling or buying Dunthorpe properties. Over the years, my team and I have built a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and extensive knowledge of the local real estate market – the very same values you can expect when you work with us. Give us at Own It Portland a call at 503.862.9075, or send me an email here.
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