A Call To The West!

A Call To The West!

As we all have have read, heard and seen, entering the Portland real estate market is much like going into battle and the competition for houses is F-I-E-R-C-E. There is 1.8 months of inventory (which means, if no other house in Portland came on the market, it would take 1.8 months for all the current listed houses to sell!!! a balanced market is 6 months of inventory. Did we mention it’s fierce?) and every new house that comes on the market is highly desired by at least a handful of extremely qualified buyers. We have seen home buyers make up to 9 offers houses before finally securing their spot in the East side line up. How is a buyer supposed to compete in a market like this?

From a Colorado publication in the 1800’s: A Call to the West! Your Opportunity!

We just helped our wonderful buyers, Matt and Talia, find a fantastic and charming day ranch in the SW neighborhood called Hayhurst. Steps away from the glorious Gabriel Park and SW Vermont Street is a direct line to the bustling Hillsdale neighborhood: filled with shops, restaurants, yoga studios and more! The temperature of the west side market seems to be different… For this sale, there were no competing offers (WHAT?!) & we were able to negotiate a below list price sale. While we won’t claim that as the “norm” on the west side, it certainly is a rarity (much like a four leaf clover) on the east side.

Ross and I have been east siders for most of our Portland lives and, in general, even 5 years ago, it took 20 minutes to get anywhere in Portland from below NE 60th Ave. Last year we made the move to the west side and found ourselves in that “scary Bermuda Triangle” known as: “Unincorporated Washington County”. We may not be in Mult. County anymore, but guess what? Turns out, not so scary! Just 5 minutes SW of the charming district, Multnomah Village, we are close to a bus line shooting straight to Downtown PDX and close to the beautiful Fanno Creek Trail; a pedestrian trail with miles and miles of green. The west side is littered with beautiful, nature-filled walking/biking trails for the taking! And did I mention: it still takes about 20 minutes to get anywhere in Portland. (avoiding high traffic times of course – Thank you Google Maps)

Mark our words, the east siders will be on to this west side thing before you know it. Question is: will you find your home first?

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