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Welcome to Irvington: one of Portland’s most gorgeous and highly-sought after neighborhoods in the Northeast area. This community was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. On the map, it’s a perfectly rectangular community in Northeast Portland, bounded by NE 7th Avenue, NE Fremont Street, NE 26th Avenue, and NE Broadway. On the ground, Irvington is a leafy enclave characterized by wide streets, quick access to parks, and high walkability.

Interested in Portland homes for sale in the Irvington neighborhood? This guide lays out everything you need to know about the community, including what makes Irvington a great place to live in Portland. Let’s get started.


A slice of local history

Irvington occupies the northern section of the former William and Elizabeth Irving Donation Land Claim, established in 1851 by William Irving and his wife, Elizabeth. The couple later moved to British Columbia in 1859, leaving their land under the management of George Shaver, Elizabeth Irving’s brother-in-law.

Elizabeth later returned to Oregon in the 1870s upon the passing of her husband. She remarried, built a new home, and went about the business of selling parts of her land. By 1887, she had sold what would later become known as Irvington to real estate developers John Brazee, Ellis Hughes, and David P. Thompson. Irvington’s original plat of 129 rectangular blocks was laid out in October 1887.

As Portland grew on the west side of the river and the development of the Oregon Central Railroad continued, streetcar lines started to connect Irvington to downtown. Lot sales were opened, and Portland’s upper class took notice. The population and construction activity boomed well until 1913, when competing neighborhoods such as Eastmoreland and Laurelhurst attracted more attention.

Portland continued to grow, and Irvington retained its place as the central hub of East Portland as rail lines, commercial developments, and freeways grew around it. The cultural and ethnic makeup of the neighborhood became more diverse. By 1992, Irvington was made a local historic district.

In 2010, the community was listed in the National Register of Historic Places, making Irvington among the largest historic districts not only in Oregon but in the country. Irvington currently has a population of over 6,800 residents.


Irvington covers less than a square mile of Northeast Portland, and is conveniently located near the city center. NE 15th Avenue and NE Knott Street crisscross in the middle of the neighborhood, dividing Irvington into four smaller sections. Surrounding communities include Alameda, Sullivan’s Gulch, Boise-Eliot, Laurelhurst, Grant Park, and Beaumont-Wilshire. The Willamette River flows to the west of the neighborhood, dividing Portland’s East and West sections.

Accessibility is one of Irvington’s biggest draws. Downtown Portland is just across the river, about 10 minutes, or 3.6 miles away. Four bridges connect the two neighborhoods: Fremont Bridge, NW Broadway Bridge, Steel Bridge, and Burnside Bridge. Several major thoroughfares are also easily accessible from Irvington, such as Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway, NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, I-5, and I-405.


Irvington’s housing market features properties that range from ultra-modern (with renovations undertaken on some of the original dwellings) to historical structures that take you back in time.

Homes for sale in Irvington, Portland are a showcase of different architectural styles rooted in classic and traditional design. Queen Anne homes dot Irvington, as do Craftsman Bungalows, and Colonial Revival residences. One thing is for sure— Irvington is a living museum of early 20th century architecture.

Since Irvington is a designated National Historic District, design and building restrictions are enforced. This isn’t new to the neighborhood, for as early as the 1890s, Irvington already had one of the earliest covenants in Portland. Any new construction as well as exterior alterations must be reviewed and approved by Irvington’s Land Use Committee.

Reviews and restrictions aside, there are more perks to anticipate when purchasing homes for sale in Irvington, Portland— you may be eligible for certain tax incentives. One falls under the Oregon Special Assessment Program   while the other is the Federal Historic Property Tax Credit Program.

What is a typical home in Irvington like?

Many homes for sale in Irvington, Portland were built as early as the late 1800s through to the 1930s. Prices range from $300,000 to over $2.7 million. Majority of the housing stock consists of single-family homes, which include modest-sized residences to century mansions and luxury properties. Irvington is also home to a few small apartment buildings near NE Broadway.


Getting in and around Irvington

TriMet’s extensive bus services run through Irvington, most notably buses #8, #9, and #33. You can check the maps and schedules here.The entire neighborhood is also extremely walkable and bike-friendly.

Schools and universities

Irvington falls within the jurisdiction of Portland Public Schools. Several public and private schools are located in or around the neighborhood, including:

In terms of higher education, Irvington is only a short drive from notable local colleges and universities. Portland State University, the leading public research institution in Oregon, is only around four miles south of Irvington. Meanwhile, the private University of Portland   is located in the opposite direction, about six miles northwest of Irvington in the University Park neighborhood.

Parks and outdoor recreation

Irvington Park   is the local green space, located in the northwesternmost corner of the neighborhood. Within its 16 acres are a variety of amenities, including picnic tables, sports fields, dedicated play areas for children, and an off-leash area for dogs. In the summer, Irvington Park plays host to a few events, such as tree climbing activities and Portland’s annual Movies in the Park   series.

Located in southeast Irvington is The Irvington Club. Established in 1898, it’s a local gathering spot that offers tennis memberships as well as swimming facilities and lessons.

Other points of interest located near Irvington include:


Irvington is home to over 28 historic houses individually listed on the National Register, including the following properties:

Every spring, the Irvington Neighborhood Association hosts historic home tours. Check out the Irvington Home Tour   website for more information.

Food and drink in and around Irvington

While Irvington is mostly residential, there are a bevy of dining and drink spots located near the neighborhood, especially along NE Broadway. These include:

Other delicious dining spots along Broadway include Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine & The Basil Bar, Aztec Willie’s Taqueria, and Pour Wine Bar & Bistro.

Where to shop in and around Irvington

The Irvington Farmers Market at 101 Main Street near the Old Croton Aqueduct trail is a sight to be seen. This is where community members come to support each other while enjoying local music. Even kids get to play through arts and crafts activities.

On offer are various goods and produce, including artisanal cheeses that pair with local honey, meat, and seafood and locally made glassware. Whether you’re preparing dinner that night, stocking up on pantry essentials, or looking for a new piece of home décor, you’ll find what you need at Irvington Farmers Market.

Several retailers and independent boutiques are also located near Irvington, such as:


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